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Club Training Schedule:

Current training schedule available from our Club Calendar.


Club Kit:

Follow this link to order kit: Kits4all website

Please see Clare Magrath for a racing vest.


Race Results:

Please see race results here: North East Races


Club Grand Prix: 

Fixtures, results and rules available from 'downloads section' on this page.


North East Harrier League:

You can find the latest information about the North East Harrier League by visiting their website. Click Here


LFRC Award Winners:

2019: LFRC Award Winners 2019


Club Records:

LFRC Records


Committee Meeting Minutes: 

The committee meets every 4-6 weeks to discuss matters arising in the club. Please speak to a committee member with any item you would like to be discussed at a future meeting. Click here for meeting notes


Training advice to members:

Short, easy runs (~3miles) other 3 days with one or two days off. Can take 3 days off and adjust to run every other day as suits time and / or motivation.

 15mins conditioning after run on 1 or 2 of recovery days or rest days, can include selection from:

●      Core work - e.g. plank (1min hold), press-ups (15-20)

●      Upper limb - e.g. light dumbells (2Kg) running action or punches (x60), cliniband / dumbells biceps / triceps work x 15

●      Lower limb - e.g. forward lunges, backward lunges, side lunges (x20)

●      Phasic abdominal work - e.g. sit ups (can add weight if wish and if able) straight and with turn to left and right (x20)

●      Core / hip abductor work - either clams in alternate side lying with cliniband (x15 each side) or standing with cliniband just above knees - walk forward and back with stretch maintained on cliniband (should feel abductors - muscles at side of hips - working, rather than flexors - front of hips)

●      Standing balance / core work; balance on one leg, x15 (each leg) running action with free leg and arm. Can add light weights (start 1Kg) held in hands

●      Stretches / roller work 

 Just select an activity from each (x7), run cycles of exercises for around the 15mins

 If you would normally do drills on a Tuesday, try to keep this going at least one or twice a week - drills are a valuable (and very functional) form of strength and conditioning - build power, form, balance and co-ordination. 



Published: Sunday 3rd November 2019