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Club Training Schedule: current training schedule available from 'downloads section' on this page.


Membership form: Online Form Paper copy also available from 'downloads section' on this page.


Race Results:

If you have any results (event,time and position) of races you have ran to add to the site, please send them to the wesbite: Contact us

For race results from 2016 and previous dates - please use the following website to search for them: North East Races


Grand Prix 2017: Fixtures, results and rules available from 'downloads section' on this page.


 LFRC Award Winners 2016-2017: please click the link to see the document.

LFRC Award Winners 2016-2017

 Club Record Holders up to 2011: - please click on the link to see the document.

LFRC Records up to 2011

Club Records 2012 - present: - please click on the link to see the document.

LFRC Records 2011-Present


New Members hints and tips:

  1. Don't eat a meal within about 2 hours before the race or run, and then try to make it a light meal such as toast or something that will be easily digested and give you energy.
  2. Don't drink too much in the way of alcohol the night before.
  3. Wear a good cushioned light racing shoe or training shoe.
  4. Don't go off too fast and if you have a training partner in the club try to run together for at least the first half of the race/run.
  5. If you are just starting to run races, try and treat them as training runs, but don't worry where you will finish and enjoy it.
  6. If it is windy tuck in behind someone else running a speed that is comfortable for yourself. This conserves your energy and they act as a free pacemaker for you.
  7. Talking uses up energy and breaks your own concentration, and can make the mouth dry.
  8. Never use a brand new pair of shoes.
  9. I like to use deep heat before a race to help prevent injuries from pulled muscles. Apply to the legs and stomach/chest.
  10. Don't run too hard within say 3/5 days of an event. If it is a long run like a marathon or a half marathon you may need to taper down your running. Don't be afraid to ask for advice.
  11. Wear the club vest.
  12. Numbers go on the front.
  13. Ask who else is running in the club, to find out the popular events, there is generally someone running every week.
  14. Ask if you need a lift.
  15. In cross country you will need a pair of spikes, unless it is very dry on the flatter courses such as Blaydon or Chester le Street.
  16. In a 10 mile or above don't forget sun cream on hot sunny days, sunglasses or a lightweight cap to protect you from the sun.
  17. Take regular small drinks in the longer races (Hydration). Races above 10km have to provide water.
  18. If your running at night or in poor visibility wear something relective and light in colour eg A high visibility vest. Be seen!


Published: Wednesday 31st May 2017